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Welcome to Swan villages Aparthotel
Explore our refined accommodation options and find the perfect space for your stay.

Our diverse range of rooms, from the luxurious to the practical, is designed with your comfort and preferences in mind. Each space is crafted to provide an environment that is as welcoming as it is lavish, ensuring every moment of your stay is memorable. 

Luxury Villa

83 m² / 2 Rooms / Balcony

At $250 per night, our Luxury Room is the pinnacle of indulgence. Equipped with modern amenities, including a sauna, and a special garden, these rooms are tailored for those who seek an extraordinary stay.

VIP Villa

83 m² / 2 Rooms / Balcony

Priced at $160 per night, the VIP Room offers a tranquil retreat with two elegant sleeping areas, a cozy hall, and serene balcony views, perfect for the traveler seeking both relaxation and refinement.

Standard Villa

83 m² / 2 Rooms / Balcony

Our Standard Room, available at $110 per night, combines comfort and convenience, featuring essential amenities, making it ideal for guests desiring a quality stay without the lavish expenditure.

The Essential In-VILA Amenities
Our spaces have all the essentials you need for your stay.

At Swan Village, your comfort is our priority. Each of our meticulously designed vilas comes equipped with all the essentials you need to make your stay as convenient and enjoyable as possible.

Taxi and Transport Service

Arrive with ease using our reliable taxi and transport service, ready to take you from the airport to your doorstep at Swan Village.

Housekeeper Services

Experience pristine living with our meticulous daily housekeeping, ensuring your space is always fresh and inviting.

Wifi & Internet

Stay effortlessly connected with high-speed WiFi available throughout the village for all your internet needs.

Laundry Services

Keep your wardrobe spotless with our efficient laundry services, available at your convenience.

Breakfast in Bed

Start your day luxuriously with gourmet breakfast served right to your bed, tailored to your tastes.

Private Parking Space

Secure, private parking available directly at your villa, offering convenience and peace of mind.

Fitness Center

Keep fit and energized in our fully equipped fitness center, perfect for all your workout routines.

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